Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bookmarks Galore!

I am a true netizen. From the moment I wake up, the first thing that I would do is head to my computer and check emails and read the news.

I spend more than half of my day in front of my computer. I maintain several websites and at the same time, I want to always keep myself abreast with the latest in technology.

And I also have short attention span and poor memory. I tend to surf from one website to the next. So to help me with my memory problem, I bookmark some of my favorite sites and many other websites I would come across which I could not finish reading before jumping to the next.

Good thing there is del.icio.us. www.del.icio.us (a domain name example of a domain hack) allows users to instantly bookmark any page and can later be accessed any time anywhere. As you can imagine, the bookmarks in my computer browser is full and when I click the drop down menu, the list would go all the way down and I will have to click the arrow to go down further. And that’s annoying. Also, if I didn’t use del.icio.us, there would be no way to access my bookmarks from other places.

The neat feature about del.icio.us is that it is also a social networking website. As it is, I can see what other people are book marking and I can even see ranking of the most popular bookmarks. I will not have to scour the internet for what is hot and cool. One of favorite bookmarks are the wikis.

I can also easily find my bookmarks within del.icio.us should the list goes long. A search feature can make this possible because the bookmarks have already been tagged.

del.icio.us has a downloadable component that can be installed in the browser very easily. Should I want to tag my page, I will only click the del.icio.us icon and my bookmark is instantly added.

Another neat feature is that a small code can be inserted to any webpage so that the page can be easily bookmarked pronto. This is very helpful to promote the website.

The website’s layout is very simple. There are no fancy graphics, annoying ad pop-ups and other whatnots that can hog the internet speed. And this makes them get the message across: del.icio.us is a web application focusing solely on heavy features. Right now, I am subscribed to travel tags and I get lots of important and relevant information.

del.icio.us is a good alternative to popular search engines like Google. With Google, the hits can be mostly found by the machines and certain algoriths. With del.icio.us, the “hits” are more referred by human beings and therefore more direct, narrow and precise. In other words, the hits are recommended by real human beings and not by machines.

del.icio.us was founded by Joshue Schachter in 2003 but was acquired by Yahoo for a whooping $35 million making the deal the most high profile acquisition in internet history.

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